St. Louis, Missouri (April 25th, 2018)- Having criminal charges on your record can put a damper on all areas of your life. For instance, felony drug charges can destroy your career, hurt your chance of future employment, affect your ability to financially support yourself and your family, and always has the potential to result in serious prison time. If you or someone you know is facing serious criminal charges, the team of highly-skilled criminal defense attorneys from The People’s Counsel, located in St. Louis would love to help.

The People’s Counsel helps clients throughout the states of Missouri and Illinois with anything from a misdemeanor to felony cases. They know how important it is to get those charges eliminated or reduced in order for you to go on with your life. Every case deserves its own unique approach to receive the best outcome. With their trial tested success, trust & compassion, and custom tailored defense, The People’s Counsel is sure to fight their hardest to deliver justice. Attorney Charles Barberio ranks among the top in Not Guilty verdicts in the area, having helped numerous clients get out of a bad situation.

If concerned about what your future holds with your criminal charges, The People’s Counsel could be your best shot at a bright future. Call or go to their website today for a free consultation and explanation of the entire legal process.  

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