SeatGEN declared a brand new classroom seating chart maker that they created, which includes a wide array of features to aid instructors and professors manage all their students without difficulty. It is always hard for teachers and professors to handle hundreds of students and they’re having difficulties remembering their faces and names. This new online seating chart maker would allow these instructors to make a seating plan almost immediately once the classes start.

This new interactive seating chart includes brand new features that might help instructors record all the info with regards to the student in one seating platform and access it with a click of a button.

Some people state that this kind of app isn’t useful since there are many apps that could help with teaching, but this is actually among the best and simplest apps that would assist teachers with their busy work. There are 2 benefits that will make your change your minds with regards to this app of seatGEN. It is going to be easier for you to learn the names and faces of the students as this application can permit you to add an image together with their names. There are even some circumstances when some kids would choose to seat in the front due to poor eyesight, learning handicaps and poor hearing.

You can say that if you’re a teacher, seatGEN is the best choice because this may help improve your engagement with your students. While there are other classroom seating chart templates available on the market, seatGEN is the best in the market because of their decades of experience in creating technology solutions for classrooms.

The application that was recently introduced by seatGEN has a lot of features to offer like free detailed seating charts, making student profiles, adding photos and other student information, building stronger relationships with pupils and many more.

The program would also contain some vitally important features to enable the teachers to have some convenience when handling the pupils like grades, attendance and more.

The release of this app is a huge help to instructors as they can certainly create a seating plan without difficulty and with advanced features. They won’t have to spend some time trying to memorize each and every student in their class since this application will allow them to get access to student info anytime.

If a substitute teacher will replace a teacher temporarily, the substitute teacher would actually have to adapt on the new pupils and they’re going to spend lots of time trying to figure out how to interact with the students.

This is actually the best app that you can consider if the teachers do not want to spend a lot of time making a seating plan

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If you’re trying to find a free classroom seating chart maker, there are a lot of available program on the market today.